OneBit Quant
Trading Small, Trading Smart

OneBit Quant was founded in April 2019. We started as a proprietary trading firm that focuses on high-frequency trading and market making in the crypto space and now a comprehensive quant house with different layers of strategies. With our predominant trading strategies, we are handling more than 100 million dollars daily volume. We are currently one of the top tier market makers in both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

We are dedicated to our motto Trading Small, Trading Smart. By small, we provide small spread, trade small movement, maintain small risk, all give us the capability to trade in high frequency, we believe in the law of large numbers and this ensures a stable and sounding risk-adjusted reward. By smart, we work with elites, give the highest respect to personal creativity, provide resources to every thoughtful trading idea, we believe in the power of each individual and give the best environment to maximize each team member's intelligence.

  • Prop Market Making
    Prop Market Making

    We are one of the most active prop market makers in the market. We contribute a considerable daily volume to the centralized exchanges we support and 10mil dollars level liquidity to decentralized exchanges we support.

  • Designated Market Making
    Designated Market Making

    We engaged in designated market making, providing comprehensive liquidity solutions for needed parties.

  • Trading Advisory
    Trading Advisory

    We offer trading advisory services to high wealth entities. We can help manage your account and help on running specified trading strategies, doing execution and managing your portfolio risk.


We are a team of traders, engineers, and quants who are enthusiastic about trading. Unlike the common "team-based" culture, our core team culture is to maximize an individual's potential. With an environment that highly encourages independence self-learning mutual-trust, we form a very flat and light team structure, every member bears an indispensable duty and we combine to be a strong and efficient team.

To understand who we are, here is the mnemonic phrase: 

professional, dedicated, responsible, self-motivated, twenty-four-seven, highly-automated, data-oriented, problem solver


Hong Kong  Room A, 16/F, Tower 1 Tern Centre, 237 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

Shen Zhen  25-117, Hanguo Center, Futian, ShenZhen


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